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High and Ultra High Strength Steel

High and ultra high strength steels provide many advantages over other materials for components that are designed to handle high loads, absorb energy or are exposed to abrasive wear. The high strength of the steel allows for lightweight design of a component without compromising characteristics. Yet, some of the outstanding characteristics inherent to ultra and high strength steels manifest as manufacturing challenges, such as: reduced formability, difficulties in obtaining good dimensional tolerances due to increased "springback," and increased tool wear during forming due to higher tool forces.

Trim Trends engineers have developed manufacturing processes that have overcome these challenges and are acknowledged world class manufacturing experts with these steels. Since the founding of the company in the 1940s, Trim Trends has produced millions of exceptional quality, low-cost components using high and ultra high strength steels.



Significant weight reduction
compared to comparable
strength in mild steel
High strength to mass ratio
High tensile strength, up to

Used for structural safety in
critical components such as,
door beams, bumper beams
and guardrails
Excellent alternative for
applications where weight
reduction is required